MP1st Review Policy and Scoring

MP1st scores a game based on its overall value and not just on its multiplayer component (when applicable). Note that any review codes (physical/digital), hardware review samples and the like cannot be returned/refunded when sent, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties before the review gets published.

Note: MP1st does not provide a numerical score for hardware reviews

MP1st uses a 1-10 scoring system, with a 5/10 being the actual average. MP1st’s scoring is as follows:

1 – Worse of the worst, avoid at all costs even if given for free.
2 – Extremely poor quality and not worth being in your HDD or shelf.
3 – Sub par and mediocre in every way compared to similar games in the genre.
4 – Playable, but a few small things keep it from being competent enough to be memorable.
5 – Average or worth a rental if you’re a fan of the genre. Might be worth a buy for super diehards fans of the genre or franchise/IP.
6 – Above average, worth a look for fans of the genre or franchise.
7 – Recommended buy for fans of the fans or the genre or franchise.
8 – Fantastically solid and stands out from the genre it’s in. Could rope in non-genre fans too
9 and above -A must-buy for genre and franchise fans and non-fans. Dripping with value and quality.