Watch Over 40 Minutes of Raw Immortals of Aveum Gameplay

immortals of aveum gameplay

Immortals of Aveum made an appearance with a new gameplay trailer at last week’s Summer Game Fest. If you wanted to see more of the upcoming first-person magical shooter, look no further. Here is 40 minutes of raw gameplay footage from Immortals of Aveum featured at the Summer Game Fest Play Days played by JayShockblast.

The gameplay footage is from what seems to be the third level of the game. This might contain some spoilers, so avoid watching the gameplay footage if you’re hoping to go in blind. Immortals of Aveum is a first-person shooter but with a refreshing take thanks to Jak’s ability to perform magical spells. In total, Immortals of Aveum features around 25 spells. This includes both, offensive and defensive magics with red, blue, and green colors.

Immortals of Aveum fires out later next month, on July 20 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Stay tuned to MP1st for more information regarding the upcoming title.

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