What We Want to See From Titanfall 3 If It Ever Gets Made

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With this week’s big news that Respawn Entertainment had been working 10 months on Titanfall 3 before scrapping it in favor of battle royale hit Apex Legends, this got us thinking: what would we want to see in the third installment if we do see one get announced/released? And in case you’re wondering, we tackle both single-player and the multiplayer given the game excelled in both.

Here’s What We Want to See in Titanfall 3:

A Continuation of the Single-Player – This ones a no brainier, but I do I feel it should still be said, especially given that sometimes studios make the oddest of decisions. Not only would we like to see the single player make a return, but we’d also like to see it continue where the last left off, and with both Jack Cooper and BT-7274 being the main stars again.

Many regard Titanfall 2’s campaign as one of the best ever in a shooter, and that’s understandable given how great the set pieces were designed, as well as the writing which was topnotch. That in parts is thanks to the bond we saw formed between Jack and BT, and we can’t picture the Titanfall series moving on from that.

Lots, and Lots of Customization – I suppose this would open the game up to more monetization, but can you imagine if Titanfall had an in-depth customization that allowed you to basically customize every piece of gear on both the pilot and Titans?

I like the idea of being about the make the Titan feel like our own, rather than some mass produced machinery, and I like to think that fits very line with the game itself. Let us have different cosmetics that we can swap parts with other ones. Let’s have helmets, chest, arms, legs, and other pieces we can customize.

The Pilot’s Gauntlet 2.0 – Do we even need to explain why? Maybe we’re just a little diabolical with this one.

Titanfall 2

Ranked Play, and No Skilled Based Matchmaking – If Titanfall 3 was to get released today, it will most likely have Ranked Play and some form of eSports integration. While that’s all fine and good, what we hope it won’t get is skill-based matchmaking or otherwise known as SBMM. Given what we’ve seen from Apex Legends, it shouldn’t be as bad.

MORE of Everything – As someone who has played Titanfall 2’s multiplayer for countless of hours, the one thing that kept popping into my head countless times is: I want more of everything. More weapons, more maps, more Titans, more skills, etc. That’s probably one of the loudest criticisms lobbed at the game, and that’s we should have gotten more. Other games get more content with expansions or with timed content drops in each season, which we’ll be getting into next…

Seasonal Content or Properly Done Live Service– Yes, yes, I know! Live service is the work of the devil and should be banished from every game in existence. But if done right (such as for games like Apex Legends, Overwatch, etc.), it will prolong a game’s lifespan. Imagine if TF3 multiplayer had seasonal content which include a new Titan, new ability, weapons and more? Exciting, right? And it would incentivize players from going back to the game.

That’s about it. While there’s a lot of little gameplay nuances that we might want changed based on Titanfall 2’s gameplay mechanics (such as the Titan rodeo changing, etc.), the stuff mentioned above is what we want to see the most. Do you agree? What do you want to see if ever Titanfall 3 gets announced?

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9 days ago

Totally agree on all counts. Campaign was amazing but felt many of my Community didn’t stick with the gam’e due to its sandwiched release and lack of continued content. I would also like to see robust Custom Private Match settings. They could bring some Apex characters over as part of the customization system as Titan Operators and extending that idea further they could run a Titans enabled BattleRoyale playlist.

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